When I look around my house and through the family photo albums, I don’t see very many pictures with me in them. I have loads of photos of my children and many of my wife. There are pictures of scenery from places we’ve visited. Many of those have my wife and children posed in the foreground.

I have a great photo of a friend racing my dragbike. I never could find anyone who would or could get a good shot of me racing it so I had my friend sit in for me so I could get a shot of my bike launching from the starting line. It turned out incredible.

I used to let it put me off a bit. Being the subject in a photo gave me some small feeling of being important enough to somebody to be worth capturing in print. I don’t think I even realized that until just now.

Ultimately, though, I’m never in the picture wherever I go. In the world before “selfies”, neither is anyone else in their own picture. When I look around, I see a lot of amazing things, but I’m not in the picture.

The only time I’m ever in the picture is if I decide to look in the mirror. Even that is a challenge. Mirrors are hung on the wall for normal people. Those who are my size can only see their navel, and that isn’t very pretty to look at.

These pages are a journal of what I hear, feel, smell, and see (but no “navel” shots).

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  1. Hello from your cousin!

    I am just checking out your site and wanted to leave a greeting so you’d know someone was out there.

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