“The Shack” by William P. Young

My pleasure from reading doesn’t come from the act of reading, itself. It comes from the excitement of the story. That’s what draws me in, pins me down, and won’t let me up until I’m done. A little masochistic, wouldn’t you say?

Speaking of masochism, I do a fair amount of reading for the purpose of research or learning. That type of reading is not “fun” for me, but necessary, none the less. My satisfaction from this type of reading results from the expansion of knowledge.

51w8kqcjhl_sl160_I’ve got some mixed feelings about “The Shack”. The first 20% of the book tells an interesting story of a broken man who is experiencing a deep sadness following the kidnapping and violent death of his beloved little daughter.

The remainder of the book is a dialogue between this man and the authors unusual portrayal of God. In this dialogue, “God” guides the character to work through his feelings and to overcome his deep sadness as he wades through his understanding of God.

The story is set in nearby Oregon. Though the main character lives in Portland, most of the story occurs in the northeastern part of the state in the Wallowa Lake area. There is even some reference to the Multnomah Falls throughout the book.

Controversy of “The Shack”

I’m certainly no theologian, but I can usually recognize when a person’s religious views have come from a source other than the Word of God. In the case of “The Shack”, there are to many strange twists to be completely scriptural. Much of the ideas that the author represents seem to come from his inner thoughts and deductive reasoning, rather than from the truth of the Word.

Pastor Michael Sandberg gives a thorough analysis at Summit Christian Fellowship. There, he identifies many of my personal sentiments in a very detailed manner.

Berit Kjos of Kjos Ministries is much more critical in his attack of the book.

Tim Challies put together a review of “The Shack” that is about as clear an organized as any that I’ve seen.


If I took anything positive from the reading of the book, I would have to say that it may have helped me to think of Jesus Christ on a more personal level.

I would only recommend this book be read by mature Christian readers who have already established their understanding of God through the reading of the bible.

“Kiss” by Ted Dekker and Erin Healy

My wife, Leslie, and I enjoy listening to audio books while we travel. During our recent trip to the Winter Carnival in McCall, Idaho, we selected “Kiss” by Ted Dekker for our listening pleasure.

kiss-by-ted-dekker-and-erin-healy“Kiss” is a suspenseful story. I felt the hopelessness of trusting the wrong people – not knowing who to trust. Good people turned out to be bad and bad people turned out to be good. I felt like calling out to the character in the book to warn her about trusting the wrong people.

If you’re looking for a book that provides deep, philosophical, thought-provoking material, then keep looking. There wasn’t much for me to take away to consider how I might understand life better, or make myself a better person. It’s definitely a book that you read simply for pleasure, and it provides plenty of that. It is an engrossing, edge-of-the-seat thriller that will keep you hanging from the first page to the last.

Video Trailer


Books by Ted Dekker


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“The Negotiator” by Dee Henderson

My oldest daughter gave the first book of the series, “The Negotiator”, which is part of Dee Henderson’s O’Malley series, to my wife along with a strong recommendation to read it. My wife was in the middle of the “Twilight” series at the time, so I picked up “The Negotiator” and read it.

After I finished “The Negotiator”, I found out that it was only the first book in a series of six. I was happy about that because I had been so captivated by “The Negotiator”, that I had read it through in just a few days. In fact, it was the first Christian novel I had read for many months, and I became compelled to get back into the reading mode.

The book is about a hostage negotiator, Kate O’Malley, who had become targeted for a hit. The ensuing investigation brought up the name of someone that she was not prepared to face again.

The book is filled with non-stop action and suspense, though it is considered to be a romantic novel. I never thought I would ever read a romance book, let alone enjoy it. It held my attention from cover to cover, despite my short attention span.

“The Guardian” by Dee Henderson is book two of the O’Malley series, and a review of that book should follow shortly.

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“Dominion” by Randy Alcorn

Watch this video before you read on.

I might be….different….than most people, but when I saw this video, it reminded me of the book, “Dominion” which I had just finished listening to on audiobook.

So, what the heck does this video have to do with “Dominion”? Both made me think about how people of different races think about and act toward one another.

I’ve always considered myself to be “color blind”, but after listening to “Dominion”, I might have to admit that I put various people in little boxes and think differently about them in certain settings. That doesn’t apply only to race, either. I think that I might think differently of people from different economic standing, as well.

I’ve always tried to treat others with great kindness, but maybe, without even realizing it, I have reacted to others in ways that might not have been appropriate. One more character flaw to work on.

The book “Dominion” also touches on the subject of why God allows bad things to happen to good people. Many people turn away from God as the result of not fully understanding things that have happened in their lives. This book provides a very revealing example.

I was captivated throughout the book.

“Dominion” and more books by Randy Alcorn

Reading While Driving to Work

One benefit of a long commute to work (and I can only think of one) is that I have ample time to listen to audio books.

I really enjoy reading Christian novels, but find it difficult to do much reading. Veggin’ in front of the TV is so much easier.

About the only time that it’s easy for me to pick up a book to read is when I climb into bed at night. Once I pull up the covers, though, I’ve got about 15 minutes until my body relaxes, my brain shuts down, and I catch myself having to back up to re-read the same paragraph half a dozen times before reaching comprehension.

reading-while-drivingThat’s where audiobooks come in. I can go through a book a week on my commute to work. I’ve been driving enough years that I can keep my car between the lines without focusing on it too hard. That allows me to become absorbed in a good book and still manage to maneuver myself to the workplace.

This House is Alive

While driving back and forth to Coeur d’alene this past weekend, I listened to an audiobook of “House” by Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti.

Frank Peretti has always been one of my favorite authors. Peretti has a way of making the darkness of the spirit world come alive, which gives me the desire to strengthen my connection with the Light of the world.

The action in “House” was non stop. It presented intensely suspenseful listening from the edgy start to heart warming finish. It seemingly shortened our drive by hours. Everyone in the car was on the edge of their seat the whole trip.

Although “This Present Darkness” and “Piercing the Darkness” probably can’t be beat, “House” is an interesting and captivating story. If you enjoyed another of Peretti’s books “The Oath”, you will like this one.


Use this link if you prefer the audiobook version.