Happy Anniversary to Leslie and Me

On July 2nd, Leslie and I celebrated 24 years of marriage.

It all began here in Toppenish at the Assembly of God church in 1983. This young 22 year old man (barely) and a cute little 19 year old teenage girl made a lifetime commitment to stay with one another through better or worse. There has been lots of both and we’re still together. That’s more than I can say about the church we were married in.

We celebrated the event at Rusillo’s Italian restaurant in Yakima.

2 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to Leslie and Me

  1. 24 years is a great time to start your Reminis Mag subscription. Your mom can get you a few old copies to get you in the mood. But just think young like Melanie and I do and then pass them on to unsuspecting folks… at restaurants. Its a nice impromptu gift. And makes old people happy.
    Cous Rod

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