It’s been almost forever since I’ve posted. I haven’t found 2 seconds to sit down a my computer in ages.

There’s been so much happening, I’ll have to summarize.

Top story: We’ve finally moved into our new house. It snowed and rained the whole time we were moving our things in. But it was beautiful weather before and beautiful after. My family has been staying their, now, for about a week, but I haven’t slept their once yet.

I haven’t slept in my new home because I’ve been staying at Dad and Mom’s house while they have been in Seattle. Their week with Opal became 2 weeks when Dad got sick and ended up spending one of those weeks in the hospital. They are coming home tomorrow. Ken is driving them to Cle Elum and my brother-in-law, Dave, is driving with me to meet them there and drive them the rest of the way home.

Ashley just got a new puppy that lives with us. It’s a beautiful little Siberian Husky. We call her “Kaiyah” which is the name of a mountain range in Alaska.

A couple weeks ago, I went to the Apple Cup at Husky Stadium with my wife and my two younger children. One of the clients of a beautician at my wife’s salon gave the tickets to us. What an amazing game. Whether a Husky fan or a Cougar fan, you’ve got to admit that it was a very exciting game.

My job has become quite challenging in recent months. In September, one of the managers that works for me retired, and in November, one of my two mailroom clerks left for a higher paying job. I was asked to absorb those positions within my group rather than to replace the positions. So, I did some restructuring of my department and re-aligned the duties within my staff. I have a great group of people working with me who have really stepped up to the challenge, but as a group we have been really taxed. Once we’ve completed all the cross training, we’ll be fine, but in the meantime there’s lots of overtime for those of us who aren’t eligible for overtime pay.

Always remember, ‘It is, what it is. Never let the things that you have no control over, get under your skin. That’s just life. When you do have a problem, remember these steps. Recognize it, address it, learn from it, get over it, and move on.

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