We’re Moving

We sold our house in March and are now living back in Toppenish with my parents. We have purchased an acre of property in East Valley and will be building a home. Here’s what we’re building. I’ve added a picture of the view from our property.

View of Gap from Norman RdThis is the view from where the back of our house will be. The gap in the hillside is the one you go through to get from Yakima to the Lower Valley. Our property borders an orchard to our west and a canal to our south. There are only a few homes on the adjacent properties, so we aren’t completely isolated, but it should be relatively quiet in the neighborhood.

5 thoughts on “We’re Moving

  1. Don,
    A great idea! I can see why you have been unable to e-mail
    the family. You’ve been too busy traveling, attending graduations, moving, building a house, solving crimes and taking pictures. With your blog you are making up in quality
    what you have lacked in quantity!
    I’ll be the first in line to ask you to teach this teacher how to set up a free blog site. I have some time this summer to set it up, and I trust that you can make it simple.
    Tell your folks that they are on my hit list for saying nothing
    so far about their Alaska cruise.

  2. Stan, setting up a blog is as simple as 1-2-3. I will email you with some very simple instructions, to start with. Once you get going, you’ll see how easy it really is.

    I’ll pass the word to my folks.


  3. I love your floor plan. Paul and I are still in the "dreaming" phase! I also think your view is amazing! I was wondering how you managed to be at the apartment fire so quickly, but when you said you were living in Toppenish that explained it. When is the house "supposed" to be finished? The quotes are because I know how these projects go! Keep your blog going! Marci

  4. Marci, you and Paul already have such a beautiful home, I can’t imagine what your “dream home” might be like.
    We should be moving into our new home about Thanksgiving time. I know that delays are the norm with building projects, but our builder has a good track record of staying on schedule. I hope we aren’t delayed too long as I would hate to be moving too deeply into the winter weather.


  5. Don,
    You are doing a great job of keeping new things posted. Keep up the good work. I may be switching to the blog
    method rather than my weekly. It looks like an easy way to have pictures and script available for anyone that is interested.

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