Reading While Driving to Work

One benefit of a long commute to work (and I can only think of one) is that I have ample time to listen to audio books.

I really enjoy reading Christian novels, but find it difficult to do much reading. Veggin’ in front of the TV is so much easier.

About the only time that it’s easy for me to pick up a book to read is when I climb into bed at night. Once I pull up the covers, though, I’ve got about 15 minutes until my body relaxes, my brain shuts down, and I catch myself having to back up to re-read the same paragraph half a dozen times before reaching comprehension.

reading-while-drivingThat’s where audiobooks come in. I can go through a book a week on my commute to work. I’ve been driving enough years that I can keep my car between the lines without focusing on it too hard. That allows me to become absorbed in a good book and still manage to maneuver myself to the workplace.

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