A Visit from Long-Time Family Friends

We had the pleasure, yesterday, of visiting with Harold and Karen. Harold taught school at Kirkwood with dad early in their careers for a few years until they moved to Edmonds.

During the time they lived in Toppenish, they all attended church together and shared many activities. Ted and I were both born during that time period. Harold and Karen’s first child, Debbie, was born very nearly the same time as Ted.

After they had moved to Edmonds, I remember visiting them at their home several times. Their son, David, was a year or so younger than me. I always enjoyed going to their house to play with David.

While Harold and Karen were here yesterday, we spent most of our time just visiting and reminiscing. I had a great time listening to them and my folks share the highlights of their times together.

Later in the evening, we went to the Yakama Indian Nation’s Heritage Cultural Center to walk the trail around the neighboring RV Park. That include much more visiting and reminiscing. After that, we sat around the table to play the “Sequence” board game.

We all had a very pleasant time.

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