Chasing Dominion Cards

I wish I had thought to take a picture – or better yet, a video – but I was too frantic.

We were packing the car to leave for home after several days at a condo in Ocean Shores.  My wife, my son, and my parents were inside the condo taking care of the last minute clean-up duties while I was stuffing all our junk in the trunk of the car.  Our “Dominion Big Box” was on top of an ice chest on the sidewalk waiting for its turn for a spot in the trunk.  The wind was gusting pretty good.

Do you see where this is going?

Yep, the wind blew the box over and scattered its contents everywhere.

I guess this is a good time to describe what a “Dominion Big Box” is, for those who aren’t familiar.

My family likes to play table games.  Dominion is a great strategy game with that consists of cards…lots and lots of cards.  The “Big Box” is a set that includes the Dominion base set plus two expansion sets.  The total number of cards in that box adds up to around 800-900 small pieces of paper blowing around in the wind.  All around the parking lot.  Under cars.  In the bushes.  Between buildings.  Behind the condo.  Along the paths.  Over the berm.  On the beach.

When I saw the box of cards scattering, I quickly ran to the condo and suggested…no, pleaded…for everyone to come out and help me gather up the mess.

We all spent around a half hour gathering and stuffing the cards back into the box.  I was certain that we would be missing so many cards that we would end up throwing the whole set in the trash.

After we got home and reorganized the mess, we found that we had lost only about 16 cards.  Amazing!  Due to the nature of the game and considering the cards we lost, the game is still very playable, and we shouldn’t miss the lost cards, at all.



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