Disaster Strikes Ted’s Home

Ted’s House Fire 1On Monday, July 16, I had just arrived home from work at about 5:30 when we received a phone call from Debbie. She was in obvious distress as she explained to me that their house had just burned. At that point, the fire department were still at their house working to finish spraying down the hot spots.

Dad and I jumped into the car and immediately drove over to Maple Valley to get Zachary and bring him back to Toppenish. Ted and Debbie felt that it would be best for him to get away from the trauma while they get their lives re-settled.

Ted’s House Fire 2The fire began in the garage and moved up the side of the house to the upstairs. Everything in the house was completely destroyed, except a few photos that Debbie pulled off the walls of the living room.

Most importantly, though, everyone got out of the house, fine. Debbie and Zachary were the only ones home at the time. Since it was in the afternoon, they were awake and quickly alerted to the problem and able to get out.

As we left their house, Zachary let us know that he wasn’t forgetting to bring anything that he would need for the trip. He said, “I’m wearing everything I own.”

Please pray that God will surround them with his love and his comfort as they deal with this devastating event in their lives.

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  1. Don, Thank you for the information. Please be sure to keep us posted about anything we can do to help out. I’m sure there will be needs that are not met through insurance. I know from other similar events that it is not helpful to receive bags of clothes that don’t fit or too many of one thing and not enough of another! Of course the prayer is the best thing we can offer now, but let us know what else we can do as time goes on. Thanks again, Marci

  2. Don
    We will certainly pray for the situation that none of us ever want.
    Father, In Jesus name I pray for comfort for Ted and family. I bring peace to the family knowing that all members were safe and that they were awake and alert when the fire broke out. I pray for a place for Ted and wife to stay while they are assessing the value of their options. Amen

  3. What a heartbreak. Just seeing the photos makes me feel so badly for Ted and his family. A number of years ago rather good friends who live a few houses down from us here in Tokyo lost their house to arson. I still remember the horrible feelings I got for the next couple of years seeing or smelling fire, or hearing a fire engine in the distance. And it wasn’t even my house. We will definitely pray for Ted’s family. We can’t do much to help from Japan but we can pray while the US family is sleeping!


  4. Wow. “I’m wearing everything I own.” What a statement.
    I’m so thankful that the family is okay, but I’m sorry for your loss of possessions. You will be in our prayers.

  5. Sorry about the fire, but glad everyone was safe. When I was in the 6th grade we lost everything in a fire, except the picture of my father and mother. The most dishearting losses are the pictures and other personal items which can’t, in most cases, be replaced. Furniture, clothing, appliances, even the dwelling can be replaced. Life is a challenge and I’m sure you folks will move forward. I haven’t met any of Jim and Sharon’s off-spring, but they always have pleasant comments about them.

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