I’m Feeling the Love on My Birthday!

Facebook has made its mark for my 50th birthday. I received 51 birthday greetings. At first, I was going to respond to each one individually, but my life is now officially half over so I’m not sure I have enough time left to do that.

Thank you everyone for noticing and caring enough to shout out to me today (and a couple from yesterday).

My family and a few friends surprised me with a surprise party at the New Thai restaurant on Saturday. They showered me with some lovely gifts….like Depends, Geritol, and other similarly themed goodies. Funny, I don’t feel that old…so why did AARP send me that application form?

Anyway, at work today, for lunch, my employees held a potluck lunch for me and another person in our department whose birthday was yesterday. I ate a lot, then fought back the sleep for the rest of the afternoon. I guess people my age need a nap in the afternoon.

All day, I was getting the greetings through Facebook, SMS, email greeting cards, phone calls, and in person. As I mentioned before, I greatly appreciate every thought, blessing, and prayer from each of you.

I heard from each one of my immediate family, several of my more extended family, school classmates (most of you already know the feeling of 50 or will very soon), friends from my church – now and past, friends from my daughter’s church in Idaho, many of my new friends from Virginia, racing buddies, people who know me from so long ago that they call me “Donny”, and family and friends from as far away as Spain and Japan. You are all amazing.

But now that I’m old, I need to stop writing this blog post and go take my early evening nap, so I can refresh myself enough to last all the way to bedtime.

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