Finally, a New Bike

Well, not so new (2001), but new to me.

Many of you know that I drag raced motorcycles several years ago. I sold my dragbike and got out of the sport after I ran out of money about 10 years ago.

I don’t plan to race again, but I have purchased a new bike. The distance of my commute, the fuel economy of my pickup, and the price of gasoline, have all combined to push me to this decision.

Kawasaki ZRX1200RMy new bike is a 2001 Kawasaki ZRX1200R. It’s classified as a “Naked” bike which is sort of a sport tour bike. It’s got more of a sit-up riding position than an all out sport bike, so it is a little more comfortable for the commute. At the same time, in it’s stock condition, it is probably just about as fast as my old dragbike was, but I don’t feel the need to find out.

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