Fourth of July Celebration

Leslie, Austin, and I spent the 4th with some good friends of ours up in Yakima – Rob and Karen and their 2 young boys, Isaiah and Micah.

We went to a matinĂ©e of “Transformers”. I was pleasantly surprised with the movie and enjoyed it very much. It had lots of fast paced action from start to finish. It contained a good amount of humor and an interesting, although somewhat predictable, storyline.

Following the movie, we went to Rob and Karen’s house for barbequed hamburgers and hotdogs.

After some leisure time, we watched the fireworks displays in Yakima. Rob and Karen live up on the hill in Terrace Heights and have a great view of the city. Every 4th of July, there is a small fireworks display at the Yakima Speedway followed by a much larger display at the fairgrounds. Our view of these displays from the hillside was spectacular.

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