Lyrics to Amazing Grace

Although I haven’t posted here in some time, I have been actively writing and publishing material on the internet.  I thought that I should let you know about last week’s project which was a post on HubPages called “Lyrics to Amazing Grace“.

Lyrics to Amazing Grace” is designed as a commercial website, but I’ve added a good summary of the history of the song.  The story behind the song is really interesting, and I had a great time researching it.

I’ve always liked the song “Amazing Grace” and decided to use it as a topic for a web project.  The project was to undertake the challenge of creating a website that would reach the top in a Google search.  I selected the topic because of my interest in the song, and a desire to learn about its origin.

I began by deciding on a keyphrase that I would target.  That keyphrase was “Lyrics to Amazing Grace”.  I selected this keyphrase because my research determined that if I reach the #1 position in a Google search, I would receive 180 visitors to my site on a daily basis.  Also, the competition is a very low 2,000 sites competing for that keyphrase.

As it turns out, I published the site on 2/10 and by 2/12 the google search for the phrase match “Lyrics to Amazing Grace” was in the #7 position.  Not only that, but there are 2 other websites in the top 20 positions of the Google search that point directly to my website.  Now, of course, that can quickly change, but I’m working on some techniques that should improve the ranking.  In addition, I’m working on creating more high ranking links to that site.  this blog post is one of them.  Take notice that the title to this blog post is “Lyrics to Amazing Grace” and there is a heavy use of that phrase throughout this post.  That is done purposely so that the search engine spiders that crawl around the web seeking appropriate content will easily recognize the topic of this post.

All that probably sounds pretty Geekie to most, but I find it pretty fascinating and I don’t really consider myself a Geek.

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