Inspiration for my Blog Posts

I’ve been asked where I find the time to write my blog posts. Time isn’t really the issue for me. I don’t spend more than about a half hour each day writing my blog. It’s relaxing to me and at the same time gives me a feeling of accomplishment. It’s something that I enjoy and look forward to doing each day.

I get up a little early each morning and spend some time at my computer before I have to go to work. “Work” – now there’s something I dread. There’s a good reason they call it “work”. Blogging is not work. Blogging takes me away from work.

I used to try to convince people that it’s work. Like when my wife, Leslie, is dusting and vacuuming – I wanted her to think that blogging is work – otherwise, I would have to help around the house.

Now, I’m more mature, and understand how things work, so I blog in the morning and I help Leslie around the house when she needs it.

You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.
– Jack London