New Pantry Door Rack

pantry-door-rackWe were getting a little cluttered in our pantry and needed to do something about it. This had been on my honey-do list for long enough.

On Saturday, I made the 10 mile trek to Home Depot to purchase a couple door racks to install. After arriving back at the homestead and preparing to get ‘er done, I found that the included hardware didn’t include the proper fasteners for hollow doors.

That left me with two options – either run back into town for hollow door anchors, or install solid core doors.

Since we needed some other things at Shopko, anyway, we stopped by Lowes for the hollow door anchors.

We had already arranged to meet some friends for dinner Saturday evening, so I had to put off the installation until Sunday afternoon.

I can do most of the fix-it jobs around the house, but what takes a professional 10 minutes will usually take me 2 hours, bloodied knuckles, and some silently muttered language that I’m not very proud of.

This task was no different. In fact, my daughter, Ashley, felt sorry for me and gave me her assistance.

Well, you can see the results in the photo above. Not bad, for me. Functional – that was my purpose.