Big fruity nose

wine_tastingI’ve yet to find a wine that tasted good to me. Of course, I haven’t looked that hard, either. I’ll just stick with my Dr. Pepper and iced Mochas.

I don’t know that wine connoisseurs drink all that much wine, either. Every time I’ve observed a wine tasting, I see people smelling the wine, looking at it, talking about it, but only occasionally tasting a it.

Wine connoisseurs have their own language. Wines are described as flowery, woody, elegant, velvety, rounded, yeasty, smoky, and the list goes on.

While walking past a tasting booth in a grocery store, one day, I overheard the taste master say, “This one will give a big, fruity nose.”

bigfruitynoseI’ve seen people with big fruity noses. Now I know how they got them. I started trying to imagine what I might look like with a nose like that. No thanks. I’ll stay away from the wine that gives you a big, fruity nose.