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On my last blog post…..that was a long time ago……have I mentioned that it has been a very busy time for me?……..ok…….on my last blog post, I asked if anyone recognized the car in the picture. I’ve had a few responses, and they were all very close, but nobody guessed right

I’ll let my father-in-law answer the question.

Don, Here are some pics of my new “1955” Desoto station wagon. It’s a real nice car, one that is quite rare today. It’s had an amature restoration on it with a paint job upholstery, and some new parts on it. The previous owner replaced the 291 Desoto Hemi with a ’55 331 Chrysler Hemi.

I drove it hom from Prineville, only 20 miles, last week and havn’t driven it anymore. I have to put some seals around the tail gate where I am getting some carbon monoxide fumes coming in, which caused me two days of headaches until I found the problem. I will have to do some TLC on it as it hasn’t been driven much the last couple of years.

It seems that I bought it out from under a club member who wanted it, but lacked the interest to go after it. I got a call from him, asking me if I bought Georgia’s Desoto Wagon. I said I did, and he said that it was his car and he really wanted to get it, and asked me what I was going to do with it. I told him I was going to work on it and make it a better driving and looking car. He told me a little bit of history about the car, which I didn’t know, and said he drove it a couple of years ago when the owner was alive. He was going to call me back later, but didn’t do it. I guess he’s a little upset that I got the car and he missed out. So be it.

Anyway, here are the pics.

Later, Kent

Here’s some more pictures of the car. We’ll see how these load as I am trying out a new method of delivering photos over my blog. Click on the photo and your browser should take you to an album with several more photos. Please comment on how this works for you. I appreciate the feedback.

Kent’s new car

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