Guess What This Is

Kents New CarMy father-in-law just bought this car and sent me some pictures of it. If there are any nostalgia or old car buffs reading this, then it’s probably a familiar vehicle. Just for fun, instead of telling about this car right now, why don’t I have you post your guess into the comments. In a few days/weeks/years, or whatever it takes to get a few comments, I’ll come back to this and give the answer. Have fun.

3 thoughts on “Guess What This Is

  1. Regarding the car, all I can say for sure is that I do remember it. Just can’t say when it was new. I’m sure it is a Chrysler product, (Dodge or Chrysler) and it is probably a mid ’50’s. Tell me how close I got. Also, I read all of your blog. – Uncle Paul

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