American Idol Began Tonight

This is an event that happens about this time each year. Leslie won’t miss an episode.


There will be several weeks of auditions to endure. We’ll have to listen to thousands of “William Hungs” just to find a few “Carrie Underwoods” and “David Cooks”.

The one benefit of losing my wife to American Idol during this season, is that I have more time in the evening to work on HighVantagePoint.

We still have some together time, despite American Idol. That’s because we both are glued to “24”. I won’t go so far as to say that we are indebted to Jack Bauer for the success of our marriage, but it’s great to have found something that pulls us together for at least one hour each week.

2 thoughts on “American Idol Began Tonight

  1. Lois and I both like American Idol so have been waiting for it to start again – for us that won’t be until February on cable in Japan (delayed broadcast). We also like “So you think you can dance” and our son Bryan and his wife do too. These are good connections to have. Your blog is nice. I’ll probably end up a regular reader. For me Facebook is a real joy – meeting friends and relatives all over the place now.

  2. @Rick, I’m pleased to have you as a reader. I’m having lots of fun writing. I’ll do my best to post regularly and keep it interesting so that it’s worth coming back to.

    I don’t suppose you want me to tell you who’s going to win the American Idol title, do you? With a month delay, it’s probably difficult to not know the winner before it’s over.

    My Facebook friend list is growing, too. I’ve had an account for quite awhile, but I’ve just started using it more actively. I’m re-connecting with several of my high school classmates through Facebook.

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