Hallmark Movie Channel

I’m not sure what I enjoyed more – the Movie I was watching, or the commercials.

shamwowThere was a commercial for “ShamWoW!” It’s some type of hybrid chamois/paper towel that absorbs 40 times its weight in liquid. This particular infomercial presents several examples of how to use it. After each example, they wring it out into a plate to show how much liquid it soaked up.

That commercial was followed by one for the “Barack Obama Victory Plate.” This commemorative plate has a picture of our new president with some inscriptions about what a great president he’s going to be. Listening to this commercial was not dissimilar to listening to George Stephanopoulos report on the landslide victory over John McCain….sickening.

I’m impressed by the marketing savvy of Hallmark. Think of it as an up-sell. Once you purchase your ShamWow! you will need a plate to wring out the waste into.

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  1. Hi Don
    Am getting the hang of your Blog a little. I have seen the Shamwow but who hasen’t by now. Looks like a good buy but I don’t want to cause a rush to the website. The Guy is on a close second to Ray and does’nt have a whiny voice either…

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