Snooze Button…

snooze-buttonI pushed the snooze button for a half hour this morning. Normally, I push it once and get up. I don’t know what my problem was today. I got to bed at a good hour last night. I just couldn’t pull my lazy bum out of bed.

That’s bad news for me. It’s so easy for me to make that a habit. I need to force myself to get up when the alarm goes off or I’ll eventually end up sleeping until noon.

I’m really not sure why people who don’t like to get up in the morning push the snooze button so many times. It’s kinda like getting up several times every morning.

I suspect that I’m not the only one to have problems with the snooze button….

2 thoughts on “Snooze Button…

  1. I don’t push the snooze button, but I do lay in bed for a while after the alarm on these cold mornings, and HATE to get out of the nice warm bed.

  2. @Paul, Your comment is a perfect setup for a remark about the “retirement” life, but I’ve read enough of your emails to know that you’re up and about almost as early as I am and keep going about as long each day.

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