Our Pastor’s Last Sunday

After 13 years of dedicated service to Yakima’s West Valley, Pastor Holland Lewis and his wife, Mary, completed their final Sunday service last Sunday.

Their grand finale included the appearance of their daughters, Crystal, Candace, and Cassandra, along with spouses and children. Crystal sang some solos and some ensembles with her mother and sisters.

As I understand, Pastor Lewis will stay in Yakima and begin a new ministry, of some sort. He hasn’t provided us many details, as I believe the details are uncertain to him, at this time.

Today, marks the first Sunday of our interim pastor, who’s name escapes me at the moment. I’ll find that out next week when we are back in Yakima following our weekend at Coeur d’alene.

I’ll miss Pastor Lewis, greatly. He’s an amazing man and an excellent teacher of the Word. He’s the same person outside of the church walls as he is inside.

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