So, Why Did We Decide to Move

When our oldest daughter left for college, the realization that Leslie and I would soon be living alone began to hit us. We were living in a 2000+ square foot four bedroom home on a third of an acre. I felt that it was more house than we would need, and way more landscaping than I was interested in caring for.

Three years before we decided to move, I refinanced our house with a variable rate mortgage that would stay level for 3 years before beginning to increase, knowing that we would sell before the interest rate began to climb. I knew that Leslie and Austin and I would be the only ones remaining at home at the end of that time period. Then we could downsize to a smaller home and a smaller property.

By the time we put our house on the market, three years later, I had decided that I was happy where I was. Leslie, on the other hand, wanted to buy land and build a house.

I put the house up at a price that I didn’t think would be acceptable in our market. That way, Leslie would feel that I was going along with her wishes, but in the end, we would stay put.

Seven days later, we were entertaining a full price offer.

We moved in with Mom and Dad while we purchased our property – a full acre – and begin to build a home that was several hundred square feet larger than the one we just sold. I’ll be mowing a lawn that is about 10,000 sq. ft. larger than the entire lot that we sold.

So much for planning to downsize!

2 thoughts on “So, Why Did We Decide to Move

  1. Don
    Sounds like so many other couples that I know that it does not surprise me that you got a bigger house , one where you can tear down your motorbike in the front room and still have jroom to negotiate Ha ha. I Don’t know about the 10,000 sqft lawn unless you put in a couple of putting greens to make all that work worth while.. Where exactly are you now Give us an address so I can find it on my “virtual earth” eye-in-the-sky program. Then we can ohh and ahhh with you.
    Cous Rod

  2. The living room is probably where I’ll have to do the bike since we haven’t built our shop, yet, and the garage is mostly in use as storage for now.

    I like the way you think. Your putting green idea is something I’ll have to consider.

    I’ll email you our address.

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