Funny Road Rage Video

This is a hilarious road rage video. Watch Mercedes guy’s face throughout the process. It is totally priceless.

Road Rage: Granny’s Revenge

I can really relate to this guy in the Mercedes. It’s nothing to do with the car. In fact, I drive an old Ford. I’m talking about being cranky while driving and having it backfire on me, which just makes me angrier. Good thing I live in a small town instead of some crowded metropolis. I’d die from high blood pressure for sure.

how to control road rage

roadrageI don’t have many faults, but there is one glaring fault I really need to overcome. When I’m driving, I have a shorter fuse with other people than at any other time.

As an admitted resistentialist, I know that whenever I’m in a hurry, everyone else on the roads have all day. And, I’m certain that the city roads department has programmed all the traffic lights to turn red on my approach.

Even my hero, Dilbert, encounters issues on the road.

Fortunately, I’m able to stop my reactions short of causing bodily harm or property damage to another driver. I’ve witnessed, first hand, that their are other drivers on the road who can’t profess such self-control.

According to, there is a 5 step process for overcoming road rage.

1. Slow down and quit tailgating.
2. Quit screaming at the people in the other car.
3. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly.
4. Think of the other driver as a real person.
5. Follow the “Golden Rule”.

C’mon, now! There’s no way I can do that stuff. As long as I’m driving, I’ll encounter idiots on the road that will set me off. The only way to ensure that I can control my road rage is to stay out of the car. It’s alot like birth control. The only way to prevent pregancy with 100% certainty is abstinence.

In the end, road rage just won’t benefit you.