Video musical de Austin – Vuelve a mi de Reik

Austin was assigned a project in his high school Spanish class. He was to play a Spanish song for his class and speak the words of the song in Spanish. He also had to prepare a powerpoint presentation and talk about the song and the band that performed it.

Austin thought it would be fun to do a video presentation to show to his class in addition to the powerpoint presentation that was required. Here’s the video that he prepared. It turned out much better than I thought it would. Sit back, relax, and get ready to laugh a little.

Funny Road Rage Video

This is a hilarious road rage video. Watch Mercedes guy’s face throughout the process. It is totally priceless.

Road Rage: Granny’s Revenge

I can really relate to this guy in the Mercedes. It’s nothing to do with the car. In fact, I drive an old Ford. I’m talking about being cranky while driving and having it backfire on me, which just makes me angrier. Good thing I live in a small town instead of some crowded metropolis. I’d die from high blood pressure for sure.