McCall Idaho 2009-01-31

Every year, at this time, McCall Idaho puts on a huge week-long event that they call the Winter Carnival. This year marks the second consecutive year that our family has participated.

We arrived in McCall at around noon and promptly opened the trunk of the car for a little 25 degree tailgate party.

After lunch, we roamed the town for about 5 hours. They have the most amazing ice sculptures. Some of the artists have created incredible detail in their work.

My only regret, was that the 2Moto race was scheduled for the following weekend, so we planned our trip for the wrong weekend.

I’ve posted my photos from our trip, here.

Weekend Getaway

Of course, the day after I post a New Years Resolution about posting daily, I find myself traveling and at a location with limited internet availability.

This is my “quickie” attempt to make good on my resolution.

We are at a Worldmark resort for the weekend at Arrow Point, near Coeur d’alene, Idaho. Mom and Dad, my second daughter, Ashley and her boyfriend, Eric, and my son Austin have settled into a 3 bedroom condo.

We are here for R & R, so we have set some rules to be sure that it happens.

Rule 1: No schedules allowed.

Rule 2: Everyone takes turns cooking meals.

Rule 3: Whoever cooks doesn’t have to clean up.

That’s worked pretty well in the past so that one person doesn’t have to feel that they missed out on vacation.