Weekend Getaway

Of course, the day after I post a New Years Resolution about posting daily, I find myself traveling and at a location with limited internet availability.

This is my “quickie” attempt to make good on my resolution.

We are at a Worldmark resort for the weekend at Arrow Point, near Coeur d’alene, Idaho. Mom and Dad, my second daughter, Ashley and her boyfriend, Eric, and my son Austin have settled into a 3 bedroom condo.

We are here for R & R, so we have set some rules to be sure that it happens.

Rule 1: No schedules allowed.

Rule 2: Everyone takes turns cooking meals.

Rule 3: Whoever cooks doesn’t have to clean up.

That’s worked pretty well in the past so that one person doesn’t have to feel that they missed out on vacation.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Getaway

  1. We benefited from this Weekend Getaway! Yes, I had a meal to prepare but I didn’t do my share of clean-up due to Eric’s insistance to do a lot of it. Thank you Don, Leslie and Eric. 🙂

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