“Dominion” by Randy Alcorn

Watch this video before you read on.

I might be….different….than most people, but when I saw this video, it reminded me of the book, “Dominion” which I had just finished listening to on audiobook.

So, what the heck does this video have to do with “Dominion”? Both made me think about how people of different races think about and act toward one another.

I’ve always considered myself to be “color blind”, but after listening to “Dominion”, I might have to admit that I put various people in little boxes and think differently about them in certain settings. That doesn’t apply only to race, either. I think that I might think differently of people from different economic standing, as well.

I’ve always tried to treat others with great kindness, but maybe, without even realizing it, I have reacted to others in ways that might not have been appropriate. One more character flaw to work on.

The book “Dominion” also touches on the subject of why God allows bad things to happen to good people. Many people turn away from God as the result of not fully understanding things that have happened in their lives. This book provides a very revealing example.

I was captivated throughout the book.

“Dominion” and more books by Randy Alcorn

Going Shopping

My idea of shopping, and my wife, Leslie’s, idea of shopping are very different, indeed.

When I go shopping, I know exactly what I want and I look for it. If I find it, I buy it. If I don’t find it, I leave. I’m in and out in 10 minutes.

When Leslie goes shopping, she has a general idea of what she wants. She goes to the rack and proceeds to touch each and every item and analyze the color, style, price, etc., then she moves to the next rack to start the process again.

After she has thoroughly memorized the entire inventory in the department, she selects two or item from each rack and carries them to the dressing rooms. Two hours later, she lines up in the check-out area to purchase the two or three items she has selected.

When I go shopping with Leslie, I spend a bunch of time just waiting. Waiting for her to finish her shopping is one of the most agonizing things I’m compelled to do. I’m happy to say, that I found a list of ways for guys to keep themselves occupied while waiting for their wives. Try them out and let me know how they work for you.

Hallmark Movie Channel

I’m not sure what I enjoyed more – the Movie I was watching, or the commercials.

shamwowThere was a commercial for “ShamWoW!” It’s some type of hybrid chamois/paper towel that absorbs 40 times its weight in liquid. This particular infomercial presents several examples of how to use it. After each example, they wring it out into a plate to show how much liquid it soaked up.

That commercial was followed by one for the “Barack Obama Victory Plate.” This commemorative plate has a picture of our new president with some inscriptions about what a great president he’s going to be. Listening to this commercial was not dissimilar to listening to George Stephanopoulos report on the landslide victory over John McCain….sickening.

I’m impressed by the marketing savvy of Hallmark. Think of it as an up-sell. Once you purchase your ShamWow! you will need a plate to wring out the waste into.

American Idol Began Tonight

This is an event that happens about this time each year. Leslie won’t miss an episode.


There will be several weeks of auditions to endure. We’ll have to listen to thousands of “William Hungs” just to find a few “Carrie Underwoods” and “David Cooks”.

The one benefit of losing my wife to American Idol during this season, is that I have more time in the evening to work on HighVantagePoint.

We still have some together time, despite American Idol. That’s because we both are glued to “24”. I won’t go so far as to say that we are indebted to Jack Bauer for the success of our marriage, but it’s great to have found something that pulls us together for at least one hour each week.

Select Your Bible Reading Plan

Uncle Stan mentioned a website in his last email that I received. Someone had guided him to BibleGateway.com, which is a great resource for anyone interested in the bible. I don’t have a big library of commentaries, dictionaries, or other study tools, so when I’m researching a topic in the bible, I go to Bible Gateway.

I know that many people would like to have a daily bible reading schedule but have difficulty setting aside time. The busy-ness of life causes us to push that aside and forget about it. It was well said by the author, Don Marquis, “Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday.”

Many have probably tried to read the bible through in a year and have gotten as far as Leviticus or Numbers before wearing out. I say “many” because I’m certain that I’m not the only one.

A few days ago, I stumbled across a website that should help me with my bible reading plan.

They offer several options for plans such as:

    Reading the Bible through in a year.
    Reading the New or Old Testament through in a year.
    Gospels, Psalms, or Proverbs in a month.
    and more.

They will send you an email with each day’s assignment that will keep you on task. It’s a free service with no advertisements and you can unsubscribe any time you wish.

It sounds like a great way to keep on task.

Kudos to the Cereal Manufacturers

A hearty “Thank You” to all the cereal manufacturers who have recognized chocolate as a health food and have added it into their mix.

In the past, if I wanted chocolate for breakfast, I had to go for the sugary cereals like Coco Puffs, Cocoa Krispies, or Count Chocula.

When a cereal manufacturer advertises to a target market that gets up at 6:00 a.m. on Saturday to watch cartoons, I probably won’t be the most healthy meal of the day. I’m a little uncomfortable indulging myself in that sort of meal plan.

life_chocolateBut when you mix a little chocolate with your Chex, Special K, or Honey Bunches of Oats, and I’m all over that. Fill my bowl up….I’m back for seconds. Give me more of that Chocolate Life.

Reading While Driving to Work

One benefit of a long commute to work (and I can only think of one) is that I have ample time to listen to audio books.

I really enjoy reading Christian novels, but find it difficult to do much reading. Veggin’ in front of the TV is so much easier.

About the only time that it’s easy for me to pick up a book to read is when I climb into bed at night. Once I pull up the covers, though, I’ve got about 15 minutes until my body relaxes, my brain shuts down, and I catch myself having to back up to re-read the same paragraph half a dozen times before reaching comprehension.

reading-while-drivingThat’s where audiobooks come in. I can go through a book a week on my commute to work. I’ve been driving enough years that I can keep my car between the lines without focusing on it too hard. That allows me to become absorbed in a good book and still manage to maneuver myself to the workplace.

This House is Alive

While driving back and forth to Coeur d’alene this past weekend, I listened to an audiobook of “House” by Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti.

Frank Peretti has always been one of my favorite authors. Peretti has a way of making the darkness of the spirit world come alive, which gives me the desire to strengthen my connection with the Light of the world.

The action in “House” was non stop. It presented intensely suspenseful listening from the edgy start to heart warming finish. It seemingly shortened our drive by hours. Everyone in the car was on the edge of their seat the whole trip.

Although “This Present Darkness” and “Piercing the Darkness” probably can’t be beat, “House” is an interesting and captivating story. If you enjoyed another of Peretti’s books “The Oath”, you will like this one.


Use this link if you prefer the audiobook version.